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Why is professional
real estate marketing
so important?

Relaxed owner. Quick sale. Very good price.

Successful real estate sales
are no coincidence,
it's more than 30 years of experience.
Brau und Friedrich Immobilienmarketing in Berlin und München

Brau und Friedrich,
more than 30 years of experience in Real Estate Marketing and Sales
in Berlin and Munich

The best result with real estate marketing

Every property sale and rental needs a targeted marketing strategy

We help real estate owners with decades of experience and up-to-date knowledge in real estate marketing, with our enthusiasm for modern technology and media, to achieve the optimal result. 

Sell Real Estate in Munich and Berlin quickly and achieve a good price with Real Estate Marketing by Brau und Friedrich

Since 1990, we have intensively accompanied the development of the city districts, boroughs and neighbourhoods, experienced changes and developed a feeling for local trends. As an office community, we can offer you a wide range of services. 

With our office in Berlin Mitte, we are the neighbours of those international real estate investors who are looking for you as a seller of a property. 

But our office in Munich Schwabing also has a long tradition of real estate sales and is on a steady growth course.

Whether in Berlin or Munich, there is one thing our customers particularly appreciate: 

We do everything we can to solve problems in an uncomplicated way. 

We would be happy to do the same for you.

Alexander Friedrich and Holger Brau

Immobilienverkauf Immobilienmarketing in Berlin und München. Brau & Friedrich

* Diplom-Betriebswirt (Dipl.-Kaufmann FU Berlin) 

* Diplom-Wirtschaftsingenieur (FH) – specialising in property valuation

* Real estate economist (Dipl.-VWA Freiburg) 


Wallstr. 25 , 10179 Berlin Mitte

Telephone: 030 4 000 7 543
Fax: 030 4 000 7 445
Mobile: 0177 488 2 488
Email: friedrich@bfic.de

* Real estate economist (Dipl.-VWA Freiburg) 

Munich office:

Jakob-Klar Str. 4 , 80796 Munich Schwabing

Telephone: 089 48 95 43 43
fax: 089 38 15 34 00
Mobile: 01575 0888 088
Email: brau@bfic.de

Berlin Office:

Wallstr. 25 , 10179 Berlin Mitte

Telephone: 030 4 000 7 444
Fax: 030 4 000 7 445

Selling a property with or without an estate agent?

Probably every property owner who wants to sell a house or condominium is faced with this question.

How do I sell my real estate in a relaxed manner and for the highest price? What is real estate marketing?

How do I sell my real estate in a relaxed way and for the highest price? What is real estate marketing?

From the marketing (valuation, procurement of all necessary documents, energy certificate, advertising, exposés, viewings) of your property to the entire processing (preparation of the notary appointment, property handover), you receive everything from us from a single source.

Our many years of experience and our fascination with the latest technology is your advantage.
Ongoing training, the latest technology (Hi-Tec-Drone, 360-degree photography, modern measuring technology, management software, image and video processing) as well as our network of professional partners, such as craftsmen, administrators and specialist lawyers, guarantee a comprehensive individual service.

Of course, we also use the indispensable internet portals, the classic print media and our extensive database of interested parties, but we develop an individual marketing concept for each property to ensure targeted success.

Every year, more than 100,000 residential properties are sold by owners themselves in Germany. However, many owners underestimate the financial and time effort involved.

Determining value

Determining the right asking price already requires a considerable amount of time and effort. If you do not have the right tools and experience, you can be very wrong in your assessment.
Whether the value is set too high or too low, in both cases this leads to sometimes high losses.
A realistically set offer price will bring the desired success in a short time. If the price is set 20 percent too high, a lower result will be achieved, and this with a considerably longer marketing time. In addition to the loss of assets due to the lower sales proceeds, there are also possible instalments for interim financing and housing subsidies for vacant flats. The long marketing period leads to increased scepticism about the offer on the part of prospective buyers, most of whom have been on the move for some time. This is then only accepted at a large discount.
The private seller has a harder time determining the right offer price. He has to observe the property market intensively over a longer period of time to get a feeling for prices and market developments. One listens to the advice of colleagues and friends, hears for what fantastic price the neighbour sold his property or how cheaply he bought it.
A quicker result is obtained by an expert, by means of an appraisal for an average of 1500 € or free of charge with us.

Obtain documents

Depending on the type of property, comprehensive documents are required for the sale of a property, such as utility bills, minutes of owners‘ meetings, declaration of partition, energy certificate, extract from the land register, all of which can be time-consuming and costly to obtain. If important documents are missing, this can not only delay the sale considerably. A missing energy certificate can even result in a fine of up to 15,000 euros. For a qualified and committed estate agent, this is naturally part of the scope of services.  It not only saves the seller time and money, but also the buyer, who will receive a financing commitment more quickly if all documents are available quickly.

Property marketing

Property advertising is not easy either. Appealing texts and photos (also 360° and drone use), as well as well prepared floor plans are a craft that comes from experience. Every property needs a marketing concept.
To reach qualified buyers, an advertisement with an appealing exposé on several of the well-known and expensive property portals makes sense. If you want your property to stand out from the crowd with premium placements, these costs are considerable. For marketing particularly high-end properties, the work of a professional photographer is advisable. This costs an average of 300 € for flats, much more for houses – but for appropriate properties it is money well spent.

Correspondence and telephone calls

Especially in sought-after locations, many different prospective buyers will contact you. In this phase, the enquiries that arise must be answered quickly and correctly. A false statement can later lead to claims for damages. Of course, the private seller receives the calls exactly when he has no time. After all, selling real estate is not his profession. So he has to call back. The prospective buyer then asks which property it is about, saying he has lost track of all the property offers.

Viewing appointments

For the private seller, viewings are the most time-consuming part of the process. Prospective buyers want to be invited to individual appointments. With a bit of luck, the interested parties will also show up at the agreed appointments. A considerable amount of time is spent arranging and carrying out viewings, cancelling appointments and making alternative appointments, as well as following up on viewings, answering queries from interested parties and submitting any documents.

Negotiations and notary appointment

Once the right buyer has finally been found, the most exciting phase of the sale begins. The purchase price has to be negotiated, the financing of the prospective buyer has to be checked, a draft purchase contract has to be requested from a notary and, at best, legally concluded at a notary appointment. Should the prospective buyer change his mind before the conclusion of the purchase contract, which usually happens at short notice and unexpectedly, the seller usually receives an invoice from the notary’s office for several hundred to several thousand euros for the draft purchase contract. A well-prepared purchase contract saves time and money.
Once a purchase contract has been concluded and the buyer has transferred the purchase price, the handover is imminent.  Depending on the property, keys and documents must be handed over, meter readings must be taken. It must be determined whether the property is handed over in the contractually agreed condition.

A good estate agent saves you time and money

Private sellers often do not realise that they have suffered financial losses due to the private sale. Professional estate agents take the burden off the property seller throughout the entire sales process, saving time and money. The range of services offered by a good estate agent extends from a free property valuation to high-quality marketing and price negotiation, right through to the legally impeccable purchase transaction and handover of the property. 

Don’t sell below the price we achieve for you!

The value behind the emotions.

Selling a property is no small matter. A lot of money is at stake. You want to get as high a price as possible. Sure. But do you have a feel for the current property market? Do you know the local prices? And do you know how much your property is actually worth? Sure, you have an idea of the price. But is it realistic?

The sale price is not primarily determined by how much you once paid for your house or condominium and what you have invested over the years. The decisive factors are supply and demand on the current real estate market. The real estate expert knows what is realistic and what is not. Ideally, he will even achieve a higher sales price for your property than you would have expected. Or he will bring you back down to earth because your asking price is utopian.

cost-free professional real estate appraisal


Quick valuation of your property

Renting is no easier than selling. Done correctly, it is even quite elaborate.

Secure determination of the market rent

Determination of a rent in line with the market, taking into account the economic viability for the landlord, and appropriate advice.

Optimal presentation

of your property
If you want creditworthy and reliable tenants, you must also address your circle of prospective tenants with professional exposés and high-quality advertisements. The real estate professional prepares your property professionally. This includes first-class photos, prepared floor plans and complete documentation.

Professional advertising

In order to find the ideal tenant, it is often not enough to advertise the property in just one medium. The estate agent knows the best internet platforms as well as the relevant print media.

The statutory energy certificate

For most properties, the legally required energy certificate must be available. If this is missing, the real estate professional will support you in fulfilling the obligations according to the Energy Saving Ordinance. He also makes sure that all relevant information is included in the listing so that there is neither an administrative offence nor the threat of a fine.

Flexible organisation of inspections

With regard to viewing times, the real estate professional is flexible and organises viewings with qualified interested parties even at times when the owner may be unable to attend or does not want to tie up his own limited time with viewings. He has already qualified the interested parties in advance. During the viewing, he not only shows the property but also checks out the prospective buyer in a personal conversation.

Credit check

The real estate professional makes a preliminary selection from the people who express serious interest in the flat after the viewing. This is based not only on the tenant’s self-disclosure but also on the obligatory credit check.

Preparation of the tenancy agreement

Taking into account the current legislation, the peculiarities of the rental property and the economic viability, the real estate professional formulates the tenancy agreement. The clean and conscientiously documented handover of the flat is also part of his services. In addition, the real estate professional has witness status at the handover of the flat in case there are any differences of opinion afterwards.

Preservation of the landlord’s privacy

The real estate professional also takes over the important buffer function between you and the interested parties who did not get a chance. This ensures that you are not bothered by further unwelcome calls after the letting.


Just as you should hire a professional for handicraft services, you should hire a real estate professional for an optimal result in letting.

The brokerage fee is tax deductible

Even if the broker’s commission may not seem cheap at first glance, this is put into perspective when you set your own time and costs against it. Please also note that you can deduct the broker’s fee in full for tax purposes.  

How do I rent out my property myself? Does professional help make sense? Are there any points I need to pay particular attention to? How do I avoid pointless viewings and how do I get the tenant who suits me?

It is tempting: book an advertisement, quickly copy the text of a current offer. The rent might just be right, after all, the offer is only a few streets away. The photos are quickly taken by mobile phone, the text is written and the ready-made fields are filled in. Of course, you have an idea of your potential tenant and make a brief note of it in the exposé. Just one „click“ further and the ad is online. The gigantic demand market will take care of it. Enquiries are bound to come. Problems and pitfalls do not lurk in copied texts and quick mobile phone pictures. It’s small details that often make landlords realise too late: „I didn’t think of that“, „I didn’t know that“ – perhaps even in a dispute with the tenant in court. Even if you want to rent out your property privately, you have to comply with laws and regulations and fulfil the legal requirements. Therefore, before you rent out privately, you should inform yourself thoroughly both legally and behaviourally. Of course, it takes a lot of time and patience to inform yourself comprehensively, and you still have the insecurity of having forgotten something.

You should be available around the clock.

Unfortunately, today’s rental market situation is more of a curse than a blessing. Every prospective tenant wants to be at the front of the starting application line. Since the internet knows no closing hours, landlords must also expect calls, text messages and voicemails after midnight or at 5:00 am on a Sunday morning. You think prospective tenants will follow etiquette and social customs? Forget it. If you’re looking for a flat urgently, you’ll get tunnel vision and simply tune out side issues such as night’s rest.

Find the right rent.

It may be your flat or house, but you are bound by certain rules when calculating the rent. If the price is too low, you will not only be overrun by prospective tenants, but you will be annoyed in the long run when you suddenly get knowledge of comparative rents. After all, you can’t „improve on short notice“. If, on the other hand, you calculate too high, you risk a possible vacancy or you may have to refund differences in the current tenancy. The current rent index of your city or municipality is compulsory reading, as is an overview of comparative rents and even reading advertisements for similar properties. You think this is time-consuming? You guessed right!

Make sure your advertisement on the internet is secure.

Even as a private landlord, you must provide mandatory information in the advertisement. You may even be liable to prosecution if you make false statements, fraudulently conceal information or if the energy certificate is missing or has expired. The documents must be presented at the latest during the viewing, otherwise you may risk a fine of up to several thousand euros. Just as unpleasant and not exactly rare: after signing the contract, the tenant comes and claims a co-reduction. This may be the beginning of a long, nerve-racking dispute between you and the tenant. Make a checklist of all the documents and information you need.

Data, facts, documentation

As a landlord, you have to process all enquiries, make selections, store data on prospective tenants, collect information and much more. Even as a private landlord, you are obliged to protect the data not only of future tenants, but of ALL potential interested parties beyond the tenancy. The requirements according to the current DSGVO (Basic Data Protection Regulation) are high and violations can cost a lot of money. Be sure to create protocols and documentation, as these serve as proof and thus protect both parties. Before signing, it makes sense to check the general conditions carefully to see if the selected prospective tenant is at all able to pay their rent and can also prove that they do so regularly at the current point. While you have no guarantee that this will remain the case, it does create a leap of faith. Ask to see proof of salary and check the tenancy with your prospective tenant’s current landlord. Don’t forget the Schufa information. You think this is excessive? You will take a different view the first time you chase your lost money with a rent nomad.

Don’t lose the overview.

With whom have you agreed what? Did you think of everything during an inspection and really not forget anything? Did you mention all the important points and any weak points or did something get lost in the hectic? Which questions or demands on the tenant are you allowed to ask, which are not? What should your potential tenant bring with him in any case? What criteria will you use to select the tenant? Are you more of a rational or emotional person and how does this affect the selection process? Questions upon questions.

If you now say that all this is much more time-consuming than you expected or if you simply don’t want to put yourself through all the stress, then call us free of charge on 0800 488 2 488. 

Your recommendation is worth a lot to us!

Do you have acquaintances, neighbours, colleagues or someone from your circle of friends who would like to sell their property? 

Tell us and benefit!

We believe that your recommendation must be worthwhile for you!

How does it work?

As soon as we have successfully marketed the property you have recommended, you will receive an impressive tipster commission from us, once we have received our commission.

Why and how?

We specialise in the sale of residential properties in Berlin and Munich. We are constantly on the lookout for flats of all sizes, semi-detached houses, terraced houses, single and multi-family houses and plots of land, because there are so many interested parties whom we would like to help find them. Many calls, emails or visits to our shop – many property requests.

Unfortunately, there are not as many properties in Berlin and Munich as there are people looking for them. So we cannot fulfil every wish for a new home.

That’s why we look forward to your help.

Tell us about the sales intentions of your acquaintances, neighbours and colleagues. We offer these owners our help and support as a professional real estate service provider. We have the buyers who will also pay the best price. We offer the seller of the property a comprehensive service with full transparency of our work, so that they can achieve the best price without worrying and relaxed. 

Every recommendation can be very valuable for you, for the seller, for us and for our potential buyers.

After all, if the satisfied owner ends up selling his property through us and thus the property seeker has found his dream property, we are happy to have done our job well and you have helped to make dreams and wishes come true. Even your own – with your share of the commission.

Simply call free of charge.

0800 488 2 488

or write to us.