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Holger Brau – Real Estate Marketing, Sales, Renting, Free Real Estate Appraisal in Munich

Holger Brau Immobilien - Büro in München - Verkauf, Vermietung, kostenlose Immobilienbewertung
  • Born in 1967 

  • since 1990 active in the real estate market in Munich

  • since 2010 cooperation with Alexander Friedrich in Berlin 

  • Real estate economist / Immobilienwirt (Dipl.-VWA Freiburg) 

    Long-standing membership in the professional association IVD (Immobilienverband Deutschland) – this requires constant further training and proof of professional training with examination as well as property liability insurance. I was also a member of the Maklerverbund München (Munich Estate Agents Association) and the Süddeutsche Immobilienbörse (South German Property Exchange) with a consistently good network. 

  • Previous and current fields of activity: 
    Support of homeowners, sale, letting, administration 
    Sale of property development objects and existing properties, letting on behalf of capital investors 
    Financing brokerage 
    Determining the market value of flats, houses and plots of land 
    Advice and support for prospective buyers of foreclosed properties on behalf of WestLB
    Activities in the real estate markets of Florida and the Cote d’Azur

  • Holger Brau, Real Estate, Munich
    I, Holger Brau, started in the real estate business 30 years ago in the Munich district of Untergiesing / Au.
    Since then, I have acquired various qualifications, including a real estate degree (Dipl. VWA Freiburg) in 1995. To this day, I expand and update my specialist knowledge in seminars (especially IVD seminars) and through specialist literature. I also like to invest in the latest technology. 
    I am a long-standing member of the “Immobilienverband Deutschland” (IVD). Previously in the “Ring Deutscher Makler” (RDM), Maklerverbund München and the Süddeutsche Immobilienbörse. 
    By using and mastering modern technology and thanks to successful cooperation with experienced colleagues, I can cover a wide range of services for you and always act flexibly.  

You often hear statements about the Munich real estate market such as: “Munich is totally overpriced!” or “The prices can’t go any higher!
We say: Everything is fine! Munich is not too expensive!

Yes, prices have risen sharply. This was also driven by the low interest rate level, which is not geared to the German but to the pan-European economic situation. There were hardly any investment alternatives for German investors. And those who already owned property did not sell. Short supply and exploding demand lead to the aforementioned development.

There have always been phases of stagnation on the Munich property market. These were always followed by a price jump. On average, there was a 3.5 % increase in value (IVD analysis).

So will a phase of stagnation now follow again? Demand in Munich is still structurally good. And compared to other European metropolises, Munich is still “cheap”. Too little is being built and investors lack alternatives. Munich is an economically and politically secure location. 

I would be happy to welcome you in our office in Munich Schwabing
Jakob-Klar-Strasse 4 , 80796 Munich

I would be pleased to arrange an appointment. 
Phone: +49 89 48 95 43 43 
Cell: +49 01575 0888 088

Alexander Friedrich und Holger Brau

“Others do their best.

 We do it best.“

Jakob-Klar Str. 4 , 80796 München Schwabing

Telefon: 089 48 95 43 43
Telefax: 089 38 15 34 00
Mobil:    01575 0888 088

Wallstr. 25 , 10179 Berlin Mitte

Telefon: 030 4 000 7 444
Telefax: 030 4 000 7 445 

Gewerbeerlaubnis gem. § 34c GewO wurde erteilt durch das Kreisverwaltungsreferat München
Ständige Aufsichtbehörde:
IHK-München und Oberbayern, Max-Josef-Straße 2, 80333 München
Steuernummer: 144/162/30537

Holger Brau und Alexander Friedrich sind eine Bürogemeinschaft mit dem Ziel kosteneffizienter Arbeit, insbesondere durch Teilung von Ressourcen, so wie es auch in Arztpraxen, Steuer- und Anwaltskanzleien üblich ist. Aufträge können hierbei individuell jeweils allein, miteinander oder mit anderen Kollegen erfüllt werden. 

Es werden Gemeinschaftsgeschäfte getätigt. Bei unserer Bürogemeinschaft ist jeder Unternehmer, also Holger Brau und Alexander Friedrich sowie sonstige Kollegen, ausschließlich für sich selber tätig. Es besteht kein wirtschaftlicher Zusammenschluss dieser Einzelunternehmer. Holger Brau und Alexander Friedrich sind jeweils nicht am anderen Unternehmen beteiligt. Es handelt und haftet jeder Unternehmer in dieser Bürogemeinschaft für sich selbst. 

Holger Brau and Alexander Friedrich are an office partnership with the aim of cost-efficient work, in particular by sharing resources, as is also common in medical practices, tax and law firms. Assignments can be fulfilled individually, together or with other colleagues. 

Joint business is conducted. In our office partnership, each entrepreneur, i.e. Holger Brau and Alexander Friedrich as well as other colleagues, works exclusively for themselves. There is no economic association of these individual entrepreneurs. Holger Brau and Alexander Friedrich each have no share in the other company. Each entrepreneur in this office partnership acts and is liable for himself.