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Transparently Property Sales – Owners Login

Transparent property sale
Transparent property sale

“Selling real estate is a matter of trust” should not be an empty phrase. In our opinion, a transparent real estate sale, but also letting, is an important task of the estate agent. The client should be regularly informed about the current status of the estate agent’s work. Property tracking now makes property sales transparent. As a client, whether you are a seller or a landlord, you can find out online at any time about the status of our activities in relation to your property. After logging in under “Owner Login”, a list of activities sorted by date appears, showing all updated work processes.

Owners login:

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As the seller or landlord of a property, we always keep you up to date and are happy to coordinate every single step with you if you wish. 

The owner login allows you to view our activities regarding your property at any time.
This is done in compliance with the applicable EU basic data protection regulation.

Of course, there are also owners who are only interested in the result and not the way to get there. We can do that too. 

If you are aiming for a sale, you can transmit the most important key data about the property to our office online in advance. From the address to the year of construction, renovation status, room layout, floors and square metres, you can enter the points conveniently from home. We determine the current market value for you, free of charge and without obligation.