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Professional Real Estate Marketing and Sales in Berlin and Munich  – Services for Property Owners

How I sold my property? Stress-free.
How I sold my property?

Selling real estate – with or without a broker?

Probably every real estate owner who wants to sell a house or a condominium is faced with this question. 

Private sellers often do not realize that they have suffered financial losses as a result of the private sale. Professional brokerage firms take the burden off the real estate seller throughout the entire selling process, saving time and money. The range of services offered by a good real estate agent extends from a free real estate appraisal to high-quality marketing and price negotiation to the legally flawless purchase transaction and handover of the property. 

Professional real estate sales with a local real estate agent saves the property owner time, hassle and often money. 

Every year, more than 100,000 residential properties are sold by owners themselves in Germany. However, many owners underestimate the financial and time effort involved.

Determining value

Determining the right asking price requires a considerable amount of time and effort. If you don’t have the right tools and experience, you can be way off with your estimate.
Whether the value is set too high or too low, in both cases this leads to sometimes high losses.
A realistically set offer price will bring the desired success in a short time. If the price is set 20 percent too high, a lower result is achieved, and this with a considerably longer marketing time. In addition to the loss of assets due to the lower sales proceeds, there are also possible installments for interim financing and housing costs for vacant apartments. The long marketing period leads to increased skepticism about the offer among prospective buyers, most of whom have been on the move for some time. This is then only accepted with a large price discount.
The private salesman has it more heavily to determine the correct offer price. He has to observe the real estate market intensively over a longer period of time to get a feeling for prices and market developments. One listens to the advice of colleagues and friends, hears for which fantastic price the neighbor sold his real estate or how favorably acquired.
A faster result brings a specialist, by expert opinion for on the average 1500 € or with us free of charge.

Obtain documents

For the real estate sale, depending on the type of property, comprehensive documents are needed, such as the operating cost statements, minutes of the owners’ meetings, declaration of division, energy certificate, land register excerpt, which must be procured partly with high time expenditure and cost money. If important documents are missing, this can not only delay the sale considerably. A missing energy certificate can even result in a fine of up to 15,000 euros. For a qualified and committed broker, this is naturally part of the scope of services.  It saves not only the salesman time and money, but also the buyer, who receives faster a financing promise, if all documents are fast available.

Real estate marketing

Real estate advertising is not easy either. Appealing texts and photos (also 360° and drone use), as well as well prepared floor plans are a craft that comes from experience. Every property needs a marketing concept.
To reach qualified buyers, an advertisement with an appealing exposé on several of the well-known and expensive real estate portals makes sense. If you want your property to stand out from the crowd with premium placements, these costs are considerable. For the marketing of particularly high-quality real estates the work of a professional photographer is advisable. That costs on the average 300 € with dwellings, much more with houses – with appropriate objects however well invested money.

Correspondence and telephone calls

Especially in sought-after locations, many different interested parties get in touch. In this phase the arising inquiries must be answered fast and correctly. A false statement can later lead to claims for damages. Of course, the private seller receives the calls exactly when he has no time. After all, selling real estate is not his job. So he has to call back. The prospective customer asks then, around which real estate it goes, finally he lost the overview of all the real estate offers.


For the private salesperson, viewings are the most time-consuming part of the process. The prospective buyers want to be invited to individual appointments. With a bit of luck, the interested parties also show up at the agreed appointments. A considerable amount of time is spent arranging and carrying out viewings, cancelling appointments and making alternative appointments, as well as following up on viewings, answering queries from interested parties and submitting any documents.

Negotiations and notary appointment

Once the right buyer has finally been found, the most exciting phase of the sale begins. The purchase price has to be negotiated, the financing of the prospective buyer has to be checked, a draft of the purchase contract has to be requested from a notary and, at best, it has to be legally concluded at a notary appointment. Should the prospective buyer change his mind before the conclusion of the purchase contract, which usually happens at short notice and unexpectedly, then the seller usually receives an invoice from the notary’s office for several hundred to several thousand euros for the draft purchase contract. A well-prepared purchase contract saves time and money.
Once a purchase contract has been concluded and the buyer has transferred the purchase price, the handover is imminent.  Depending on the property, keys and documents must be handed over, meter readings must be taken. It must be determined whether the property is handed over in the contractually agreed condition.

A good real estate agent saves you time and money

Private sellers often do not realize that they have suffered financial losses due to the private sale. Professional brokerage firms take the burden off the real estate seller throughout the entire sales process, saving time and money. The range of services offered by a good real estate agent extends from a free property appraisal to high-quality marketing and price negotiation to the legally flawless purchase transaction and handover of the property.

From the marketing (valuation, procurement of all necessary documents, energy certificate, advertising, exposés, viewings) of your property to the entire processing (preparation of the notary appointment, property handover), you get everything from us from a single source.

Our many years of experience and our fascination for the latest technology is your advantage.
Ongoing training, the latest technology (Hi-Tec-Drone, 360-degree photography, modern measurement technology, management software, image and video processing) as well as our network of professional partners, such as craftsmen, administrators and specialist lawyers guarantee a comprehensive individual service.

Of course, we also use the indispensable Internet portals, the classic print media and our extensive database of interested parties, but we develop an individual marketing concept for each property for targeted success.

Thanks to object tracking, you as a client (seller or lessor) of our company can get online information about the status of our activities related to your object at any time. After logging in, you will see a list of activities sorted by date, which shows all the activities updated up to the present moment.

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Selling a property is no small matter. A lot of money is at stake. You want to get as high a price as possible. Sure. But do you have a feel for the current real estate market? Do you know the local prices? And do you know how much your property is actually worth? Sure, you have an idea of the price. But is it realistic?

The sale price is not primarily determined by how much you once paid for your house or condominium and what you have invested over the years. The decisive factors are supply and demand on the current real estate market. The real estate expert knows what is realistic and what is not. Ideally, he will even achieve a higher sales price for your property than you would have expected. Or he will bring you back down to earth because your asking price is utopian.

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