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Real Estate Premium for your Recommendation

Ihre Empfehlung ist uns viel wert! Immobilien-Prämie für Ihre Empfehlung
Ihre Empfehlung ist uns viel wert!
Immobilien-Prämie für Ihre Empfehlung

Your recommendation is worth a lot to us!
Do you have acquaintances, neighbours, colleagues or someone from your circle of friends who would like to sell their property? 
Tell us and benefit!

We believe that your recommendation should be worthwhile for you!

That’s why we have our real estate bonus.

How does it work?

As soon as we have successfully marketed the property you recommended, you will receive an impressive tipster commission from us, once we have received our commission.

Why and how?

We specialise in the sale of residential properties in Berlin and Munich. We are constantly on the lookout for flats of all sizes, semi-detached houses, terraced houses, single and multi-family houses and plots of land, because there are so many interested parties whom we would like to help find them. Many calls, emails or visits to our shop – many property requests.

Unfortunately, there are not as many properties in Berlin and Munich as there are people looking for them. So we cannot fulfil every wish for a new home.

That’s why we look forward to your help.

Tell us about the sales intentions of your acquaintances, neighbours and colleagues. We offer these owners our help and support as a professional real estate service provider.

Every recommendation can be very valuable for you, for us and for our potential buyers.

After all, if the satisfied owner ends up selling his property through us and thus the property seeker has found his dream property, we are happy to have done our job well and you have helped to make dreams and wishes come true. Even your own – with your share of the commission.

Simply call free of charge.

0800 488 2 488

or write to us.