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Why many landlords are now selling instead of renting – Berlin Mietdeckel

Selling instead of renting

For Berlin tenants, the search for a flat is becoming increasingly difficult. It can be observed that owners are increasingly selling their flats instead of renting them out. On the major portals, offers for rental flats with first-time occupancy before 2014 fell by 45 per cent in the summer of 2020, and offers for condominiums rose by 40 per cent.

Mietendeckelschutz, verkaufen statt vermieten, Folgen des Berliner Mietendeckel
Foto von Gustavo Fring von Pexels

Reader comment in a left-wing newspaper:

“Who is investing in new flats now, who is renovating the old ones? The idea of introducing a rent cap is crazy. First the Senate sells off its real estate for peanuts, then it wants to determine how it is used. Anyone who invested in real estate as a pension as a self-employed person is now allowed to subsidise cheap housing.”

Mietendeckelschutz, verkaufen statt vermieten, Folgen des Berliner Mietendeckel
Foto von Andrea Piacquadio von Pexels

Reader comment in a major daily newspaper:

“The rental income for my 80 sqm flat in Berlin Mitte was about €130. I had not increased the rent for the tenant, an elderly gentleman, for 12 years. The rent cap would have perpetuated this forever, because no political party can afford to let the rents shoot up after 5 years. To be called a rent shark by the Red-Red-Green Party was too much. I had no choice but to sell the place. It goes without saying that the buyer will move into the flat himself.

Your tenant is moving out ?

As the owner of a vacant property, you should consider all options, including selling.

A property that becomes vacant will usually appreciate in value by 15-30%, which will be lost if it is re-let.
The “rent brake” and the “rent cap” usually prevent you from realising the market rate of return. These influencing factors are set against the future prospects of your property.

We will be happy to help you make your decision, which should take into account not only the property-specific features but also your personal situation, tax aspects and the financing side.

It is our claim to find the best result for you together with you, which is always a case-by-case decision.

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Renting or selling?

Before you rent or sell, talk to us.

Get our opinion on the value of your property.