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Things to know BEFORE you go to Berlin

Berlin: city map, sights, entertainment, food, local transport, prices, weather, tips and much more… externally hosted video

Berlin is the city in Europe with the greatest development potential. Property prices and the cost of living are still low for a cosmopolitan city. Berlin is a centre of attraction for international creatives and high achievers. The pulsating city is one of the centres of gravity for politics and services in Europe. At the same time, the city remains true to itself with its neighbourhood and nightlife, its inexhaustible cultural offerings and its high recreational value as the greenest major city in Europe. With this unique mix, the city has the potential to catch up with metropolises like London or Paris. This potential has meanwhile been discovered by well-heeled Berliners and new Berliners, investors from all over Germany, but also many foreign investors. As a result, prices have risen at an above-average rate in recent years, especially in the central locations, and the number of property offers has fallen.

Property Offers in Berlin