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Valuation of your property – free of charge and without obligation

Meine Immobilie ist viel wert. Bewertung kostenlos
My property is worth a lot. Valuation free of charge.

We want to offer you a complete service. However, this does not begin with your decision to entrust us with the sale of your property. The prerequisite for this is that you get to know us, we learn more about your property and you find out what proceeds you can expect. The basis for this is our professional and free valuation of your property. 

Selling a property is no small matter. A lot of money is at stake. You want to achieve the highest possible price. Of course you do. But do you have a feel for the current property market? Do you know the local prices? And do you know how much your property is actually worth? Sure, you have an idea of the price. But is it realistic? 

The sale price is not primarily determined by how much you once paid for your house or condominium and what you have invested over the years. The decisive factors are supply and demand on the current real estate market. The real estate expert knows what is realistic and what is not. Ideally, he will even achieve a higher sales price for your property than you would have expected. Or he will bring you back down to earth because your asking price is utopian. 

In Germany, the valuation of real estate is regulated by the Ordinance on the Principles for Determining the Market Value of Real Estate (ImmoWertV). Even though only land is mentioned here, the bottom line is that everything on this land counts. The individual procedures therefore assess both the pure value of the land and the value of the buildings on it. sufficient time for preparations and do not rush things, especially in difficult life situations. Houses do not sell themselves, even if demand is high. Therefore, you should be able to devote the necessary time to preparations and the selling phase. Getting help with selling a house from an estate agent who sells houses every day can be a very good one.

The following procedures are used in our free property valuation:

  • Comparative value method
  • Net asset value method
  • Income capitalisation method

The comparative value method

The name suggests it: In the comparative value method, the property is subjected to a comparison. Similar properties and the sales prices achieved for them in the past are used. This can lead to the determined value being lower than the former purchase price. Often a disappointment for owners, but a realistic benchmark. The comparative value method is mainly used for land and owner-occupied properties, for example for detached houses, semi-detached houses and owner-occupied flats.

For the comparison, the following parameters are also taken into account, which can have a value-reducing or value-increasing effect:

  • Building
  • Type of construction
  • Year of construction and remaining useful life
  • Size
  • Location
  • Equipment

The asset value method

In the course of an asset value procedure, land value and property value are determined separately. The procedure follows the principle „What would it cost to build the property anew today? This value is then reduced by the age-related depreciation. The cost of construction has been determined by law since 2010 by the Directive on the Determination of the Material Value.

This is followed by a market adjustment that takes into account the current property market situation and regional construction prices. The asset value method is used in particular when no comparative values are available. It is often used in addition to the comparative value method.


The capitalised earnings value method

The capitalised earnings value method is usually used for rented or leased properties. This calculation method is based on the expected income from renting and leasing up to the point in time when the property has exceeded its remaining useful life. Management costs (operating costs, maintenance costs, etc.) are deducted from this gross income. In addition, the property interest rate is taken into account, which reflects the local rent index. The procedure is quite demanding in its application and should only be used with comprehensive market knowledge. 

Quick valuation of your property

Professional property valuation

Market knowledge is necessary for a serious property valuation. That is why we only offer professional valuation in Berlin and the surrounding area as well as Munich and the surrounding area. This free but professional valuation is the basis for a professional property sale. 

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